"New Hire" Laying the Foudation Training
Date: August 20-21 and Jan. 14-15
Time: 9:30- 4:30pm
Location: Bumpus Middle School
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A+ College Ready redesigned NMSI’s Laying the Foundation (LTF) training for Alabama teachers
In the past LTF training has not been course specific, but has been offered as middle or high school training for English, math, and science teachers.   This approach  introduced teachers to lessons that could be used in the courses they teach – for example middle school science LTF  training  included lessons for earth science (taught in 6th grade), life science (taught in 7th), and physical science (taught in 8th).       
Beginning in the summer of 2015, this approach will change, and teachers will be able to select LTF training specific to the course they teach. This specificity is now possible because, over the past three years, A+ College Ready has convened teams of Alabama teachers to build year-long curricula for their subject and corresponding grade level; these curricula rely heavily on LTF lessons in order to meet Alabama’s college and career ready standards These teams of  highly qualified teachers have built twelve LTF-infused curricula for grades 7-11, and LTF training will now introduce the lessons, labs, and teaching strategies that make up course specific content  for  the following subject areas.
Algebra I                            English 7                                  Life Science 7
Geometry                           English 8                                  Physical Science 8
Algebra 2                           English  9                                  Biology 9
PreCalculus                       English 10                                 Chemistry 10

The decision to upgrade the training procedure was made to equip our teachers with the best resources and strategies possible to affect student achievement and align their teaching with Alabama’s new college and career ready standards.   This new training will meet the needs of teachers with prior LTF training or those who are new to LTF.  

All of these improvements are made possible because of A+ College Ready’s partnership with the ALSDE.   Together we are honored to offer Alabama high schools access to excellent training focused on teacher-designed curriculum materials that promote rigor, critical thinking, and essential reading and writing skills.