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AP Teachers Awarded by A+ College Ready
October 5, 2015 | Comments
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The A+ College Ready program announced its 2015-16 Teacher Awards for Math last weekend, and are proud to present them to you! Be sure to "like" us on Facebook, tag yourself or your friends and share the posts so we can spread the great things happening in our schools!

BEAT THE MEAN:  The "Beat the Mean" Teacher Award is given to teachers whose students matched or beat the national average with Qualifying Scores (QS) on every category on the Instructional Planning Report (IPR). The winners for math for 2014-15 are:

AB Calculus
Nancy Hartfield, James Clemens High School
11/11 Beat/Match the Mean
36/39 QS-> 92% passing and 11 "5’s"
Beth Ronilo, Thompson High School
11/11 Beat/Match the Mean
30/42 QS-> 71% passing and 10
BC Calculus
Shaun Bardell, James Clemens High School
11/11  Beat/Match the Mean
50/52 QS-> 96% passing and 33
Up 8 QS from last year
AP Statistics
Amy Protos, James Clemens High School
29/43 QS 11
Beat the Mean on each category
24-> 29 from last year to this year
Steady Increase in AP Statistics Qualifying Scores
Jeanna Plunkett, Arab High School
Emily Ray, Cullman High School
Shannon Shepperd, Fairhope High School

The "Super Newbie" Teacher Award is given to teachers new to the A+ College Ready program, or teachers who had success in their first year teaching AP Math courses. The winners for math for 2014-15 are:

AB Calculus
Sharon Gibson, Ashville High School
3/4 QS   2
"5’s" and no "1’s"
10/11 Beat the Mean
Carla Wurtz, Marbury High School
5/7 QS  1
6/11 Beat the Mean
BC Calculus
Beth Ronilo, Thompson High School
4/6 QS 3
10/14 Beat the Mean
Ava Andrews, Thompson High School
3 QS
4 Match/Beat the Mean
1 QS "5" and only 3 "1’s"

Michelle Russell, Florence High School

5 QS for the first year teaching
Super Pi Award
Melissa Knight, Fairhope High School
7->16 QS Increase of 9 QS 
129% increase in her 1st full year of teaching course
16/27 QS    7
7/11 Beat the Mean (each category not beat missed by .1 or .2)
Partner School Honorable Mention
Janice Samford, LAMP High School (Retired)
23-> 46 QS   100% Increase
Scott Sharp, Huntsville High School (now at Buckhorn)
57-> 68 QS  Increase of 11 QS, 19% increase in QS
68/85 QS     34/68 were
11/11 Beat the Mean

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Alabama Teacher Among National Webinar Presenters for CCSSO
October 2, 2015 | Comments
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Stephanie Hyatt, an English teacher from Huntsville City Schools, presented along with Jeff Crawford, a high school mathematics teacher from Washington State through a webinar for teachers nationally, discussing how theyre implementing College and Career Ready standards in the new school year. You can replay this 56-minute webinar where they discussed topics from professional learning, implementation challenges and opportunities, and how educators are discussing assessment results with families.... [continue reading]
Birmingham Holocaust Ed Center Offering Workshops for Social Studies Teachers
September 21, 2015 | Comments
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A+ College Ready Social Studies Teachers - The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center has an offer for you!

The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center is partnering with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to present 4 Holocaust education workshops in the state for middle and high school social studies and language arts teachers.  
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Governor Bentley & Dr. Bice Help Celebrate AP National Champions!
September 10, 2015 | Comments
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Alabama ranks number one nationally in math, science and English AP score increases over 7 years Governor Robert Bentley announced September 10th an outstanding achievement for Alabamas high school students; Alabama is ranked number one in the nation over the last seven years in percent growth of students achieving qualifying scores on math, science, and English (MSE) Advanced Placement* (AP) exams. Advanced Placement courses are just one of the tools that students have in school to be success... [continue reading]
Interested Schools Need to Apply Now for 2016-17
August 27, 2015 | Comments
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We are very excited to announce the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) / A+ College Ready Program's Request For Proposals (RFP) for 2016-17! Click below to download the full RFP along with a cover letter from Dr. Tommy Bice. If you have any questions, contact Teri Thompson, A+ College Ready Chief Program Officer: teri@aplusala.org... [continue reading]
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