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Teachers and Administrators interested in learning more about the new Computer Science Principles course might want to review these two articles on abstraction  and Computational thinking that are  fundamental aspects of the course.   This Computer Science Principles flier can be used in student recruitment.   

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Information for Program School's AP Administrators 2013-2014
Enrollment Form
2013 2014 State AP Grant Award Reimbursement Form

Equipment List 2013-2014
Training Calendar

A list of Program Schools by Cohort
Student Study Sessions Calendar
 Teacher Professional Development Calendar

Spring To Do List for Administrators
Exam Fee Payment Schedule
Administrators’ Webinar Information - 3-5-14

Click Here for Program School Budget Overviews
Program School Budget Overviews Include:
Budget for each Individual Cohort

Click Here for More Materials
More Materials Include:
Administrator's PowerPoint October 2013
Calendars for Student Study Sessions and Teacher Professional Development
Laying the Foundation/NMSI Teacher Training Attendance Summer 2013
Grant Award Overview for each District
Sample LEA State AP Grant Award Request
AP Teacher Stipend Attendance Record
Past Agendas of Administrator Trainings

Information for Partner School's AP Administrators 2013-2014
Study Session Roadmap and Tools 2014-2015

Partner School Sample Budget 2014-2015
Partner School Timeline 2014-2015

Partner School Agreement
Partner School Component Breakdown
Enrollment Form
Training Calendar
Student Study Sessions Calendar
 Teacher Professional Development Calendar

Partner School Memo 8/26/13

Pre-AP Curriculum Documents
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Science                   English
Pre-AP Algebra 1                       Pre-AP Biology                 Pre-AP English 9
Pre-AP Algebra 2                       Pre-AP Chemistry            Pre-AP English 10
Pre-AP Geometry
Pre-AP PreCalculus
Pre-AP Middle Grades

Information Presenteed at the January 14, 2014 AP Administrator Training
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​Information Presented at the June 24, 2013 AP Administrator Training
Click here for materials

Information Presented at the February 26, 2013 AP Administrator Training
Click here for materials
Information Presented at the October 19th, 2012 AP Administrator Trainings

Click here for materials
Information Presented at the
July, 2012 AP Administrator Training

Guidelines for Requesting State AP Grant Award & ES-2 Funds from SDE
Sample Request Form for State AP Grant Award Allocations
ES-2 Form for Requesting APIP Funds
Parent Night Powerpoint Presentation (data will be updated late August)
Equity in Education Powerpoint by Dr. Molly Killingsworth
Flyer for Enrolling in ACCESS Courses--AP Stats, Physics B & Computer Science
2012 Equipment Purchase Guidelines


Resources for Administrators Presented at the November 4, 2011 AP Coordinator Training
AP Coordinator/District Contact Monthly Checklist
Request for Reimbursement Template for State AP Grant Award
ES-2 Form to request funds from APIP Grant



Laying the Foundation Connecting to the Common Core