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A+ College Ready works to expand AP course offerings in the key subject areas of math, science and English and increase the number of students receiving qualifying scores on these Advanced Placement Exams.

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AP Teachers Awarded by A+ College Ready
October 5, 2015
Which A+ College Ready Advanced Placement math teachers "Beat the Mean" for 2014-15, and which are the "Super Newbies?" 

Click "Read More" to find out, and keep checking back for other 2014-15 winners in other subjects! Also, be sure to "like" us on Facebook, tag yourself or your friends and share the posts so we can spread the great things happening in our schools!

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Alabama Teacher Among National Webinar Presenters for CCSSO
October 2, 2015
Stephanie Hyatt, an English teacher from Huntsville City Schools, presented along with Jeff Crawford, a high school mathematics teacher from Washington State through a webinar for teachers nationally, discussing how they’re implementing College and Career Ready standards in the new school year. You can replay this 56-minute webinar where they discussed topics from professional learning, implementation challenges and opportunities, and how educators are discussing assessment results with families.

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Birmingham Holocaust Ed Center Offering Workshops for Social Studies Teachers
September 21, 2015
A+ College Ready Social Studies Teachers - The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center has an offer for you!

The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center is partnering with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to present 4 Holocaust education workshops in the state for middle and high school social studies and language arts teachers.  
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